People with chronic diseases are often excluded from exercise programs. Participating in systematic exercise and physical activity programs can be very beneficial for their health. The low levels of cardiorespiratory capacity of these individuals affect their productivity in their daily lives as well as in the workplace. Lack of awareness of the benefits of exercising, but also fear of injuries or further burden of their health, leads to avoidance of exercise. This hypomotility leads to even greater cardiac and vascular dysfunction, further reduction of muscle mass, reduction of maximum oxygen uptake and therefore of their functional capacity, increase in body fat, shorter fatigue appearance resulting in poor quality of life. It is very important for people with chronic diseases to understand that the benefits of exercise outweigh the risks posed during exercise. Prevent project is going to inform citizens on the benefits of exercise in health, guiding them for safe and effective participation in organized exercise programs.


The project entitled "Exercise as a mean to prevent and recover the chronic diseases"- PREVENT, aims to contribute to the development of the European dimension in physical activity for all, in line with the general objective of the Programme in the sport field, by promoting physical activities are the following:

  • informing citizens on the benefits of exercise in health, preventing and recuperating chronic diseases and guiding them for safe and effective participation in organized exercise programs
  • to raise the awareness of health professionals to encourage patients to participate in systematic exercise and to update them with the most up-to-date research data on appropriate forms of exercise, depending on the specificity of the disease.
  • the training of doctors, health professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists) and exercise professionals for the safe and effective use of the exercise as a means of preventing and restoring chronic diseases.
  • Incitement, facilitation and guidance of public, municipal and private bodies for the organization of safe and effective exercise programs for the prevention and rehabilitation of chronic diseases throughout the country.
  • the networking of public, municipal and private providers offering health services and exercise services.



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